Is my product right for a Direct Response TV campaign?

There are exceptions to every rule, but here are some basic guidelines. A product is right for a direct response tv campaign if it meets the following criteria:


The product in a direct response tv campaign should have mass appeal. Niche products tend to not do well. Ideally, there will be a wide range of demographics interested in your product. Products that appeal to the natural desire to look good, make life easier or increase wealth tend to do well. If it’s a proven DRTV product category that is a plus but sometimes the first in a category can stand out (i.e. our Aerobed campaign).


Products that are easy to demonstrate on television get the best response and dramatic before and after pictures can make a big difference. The more a product can be visually displayed the better.


The media expense creates a large cost per sale in an infomercial campaign. So, there needs to be sufficient margins to make a campaign viable. Generally speaking, there should be a minimum of a four times markup from the actual cost of goods to the selling price.

RESULTS PRODUCERS will give a free, no obligation analysis of the viability of your product for Direct Response TV. We will tell you if we think it will work. We don’t want to waste your money.

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