Why should I choose Results Producers?

Results Producers has been creating videos that produce results, including winning Direct Response TV campaigns, since 1989. We have generated well over half a billion dollars in television, internet, and radio sales for our clients. Whether to inform or sell, our videos engage the viewer. And if you are thinking of an infomercial campaign, it […]

Can I joint venture the media buy?

Based on successful tests, we can introduce you to several companies that will joint venture the media buy in exchange for a small percentage of the sales. You can call us to get further information about how these media buy deals work. Results Producers is with you through every phase of the project. We are […]

How does Media Buying work?

Once the infomercial has been produced, conducting a media test will enable you to determine an optimal media strategy. We can introduce you to the best media buying companies in the industry. An average test is usually done in 10 to 15 cities and on one national cable channel. The cost for an average infomercial […]

What if I have a product but do not have the funds to produce a campaign?

What if I have a product but do not have the funds to produce a campaign? RESULTS PRODUCERS is a leading direct-response television agency that is typically hired by clients to execute their campaigns. As a rule, we do not supply capital to fund projects. However, if we believe a product has a high chance […]

What is the cost of a DRTV campaign?

The cost of a DRTV campaign can be much more affordable with Results Producers. At Results Producers, we take pride in delivering the highest quality and a very reasonable price. A one and two-minute commercial can range in cost from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the creative approach of the commercials. A five minute commercial […]

Should I utilize a short form commercial or half hour infomercial?

One-minute and two-minute commercials are referred to as “short-form” and the half hour infomercials as “long-form.” Stations and cable outlets mostly sell time in units of one minute, two minutes, five minutes and then half-hours. Products that sell for $19.95 or less work best in a short-form campaign (although there are exceptions, including lead generation […]

Terry Finn – Freelance Writer

Terry Finn is a 24-year veteran of direct response television and has worked on over 600 DRTV campaigns. He combines his extensive experience with up-to-the-minute insider knowledge of the latest trends to write hit after hit. Terry has written more homerun infomercials airing today than any other single writer. Some of his hits include Shark […]

Is my product right for a Direct Response TV campaign?

There are exceptions to every rule, but here are some basic guidelines. A product is right for a direct response tv campaign if it meets the following criteria: WIDE APPEAL The product in a direct response tv campaign should have mass appeal. Niche products tend to not do well. Ideally, there will be a wide […]